Meet Our Staff

Our experienced staff is knowledgeable about the local waters, boating conditions, and boats available on the market in our area. We’ll listen to your needs so we can help you find the perfect boat to live your dream.

We believe in remaining in contact with our buyers, helping them to find needed goods and services. When it’s time to sell your boat, we can provide effective marketing through a variety of avenues, including multiple Internet Web sites, boat shows, print publications such as the Florida Mariner, and through the synergy of our new boat dealership, Gulf Island Sails.

Our sales associates include:

  • Ed and Sara Benson, Owners of Punta Gorda Yacht Brokers

    Ed and Sara Benson, Owners of Punta Gorda Yacht Brokers

    Capt. Ed Benson
    Ed is the co-owner and licensed employing broker of record of PGYB. He is a member of the FYBA, Punta Gorda Boaters Alliance, and Mariners Boat Club. He is a licensed Coast Guard captain, a notary, and has over 50 years of sailing and power boating experience.
    Ed’s cell is 941-628-0167.

  • Sara Benson
    Sara is the co-owner of PGYB and previously worked in the fields of human resources, finance and corporate administration. She has been sailing for over 30 years.
    Sara’s cell is 941-763-5903.
  • Capt. Jim Guernsey

    Capt. Jim Guernsey

    Capt. Jim Guernsey
    Jim is a licensed employing broker, a notary, member of the FYBA, a 50-ton captain, and a Navy veteran. He currently owns a Morgan 33 and has over 40 years of boating experience.
    Jim’s cell is 941-740-0389.

  • Capt. Tim Benson
    Capt. Tim Benson

    Capt. Tim Benson

    Tim is a licensed yacht salesman, charter boat captain, 50-ton captain, as well as an ASA sailing school instructor and a minister at one of the local churches. Tim has been boating for over 30 years.
    Tim’s cell is 941-268-5446.

  • Tommy Head

    Tommy Head

    Tommy Head
    Tommy is a licensed yacht broker in South West Florida and has been selling boats worldwide for over 29 years. Call Tommy’s cell at 941-769-2594 for all your boating needs.